Expert Author Lakeisha B McKnight
All over the world, businesses are sprouting left to right. People are now realizing that corporate jobs will get you only so far. Being employed is great, but employing other people is so much more rewarding both emotionally and financially. One more surprising fact is that these days, women are opening just as many businesses as men. This is because women now have tons of tools at their disposal and there is lesser discrimination against women CEOs these days. If you are a woman and are keen on starting your own business, here are some you can try:
Whether you plan on doing it yourself or managing it, a tutoring business is great in the hands of women. Tutoring requires patience and a solid desire to impart knowledge and these are things women excel at. Tutoring is such a robust business especially with the help of the internet. People can now run businesses from their own homes and tutor via Skype and other media platforms. Some even resort to publishing videos and selling them on subscription bases.
Graphics Design
Freelancing or outsourcing, in general, has been around for years and is aiding a lot of people in gaining employment without even stepping outside their comfort zones. Women, in particular, do great in this venue especially in the world of graphic design. The artistic side simply comes out naturally with women. Likewise, women are also known to communicate all their concerns well and ask all needed questions prior to starting projects.
Journalism is a seemingly biased occupation with just 36% of newsroom staff being women. By starting a business like this, women can reach out and help their fellow women improve this statistic. Women reports, analysts and editors are better than men because they are able to write with more passion and provide deeper insight into the things that matter. Also, women are also known to be more gifted in telling stories overall.
Event Planning
Be it a wedding, a party, an anniversary, women know how to make it successful. That's why most event planning businesses are run by women. The sheer number of tasks that need to be coordinated plus the intricate detail of every single thing is something that may thwart the most prepared of men. For women, however, it's a piece of cake. That' why in weddings, for example, they always say that you should always try to get everything right lest you stress out the bride. Simply put, women have vested interests in events going successfully, more so if it's their own. That's why they make the best event planners.

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